Having started MeriEducation at 20 years old, Joan Nguyen has always had an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm for education. Throughout the last decade, Miss Nguyen has grown MeriEducation into four centers, catapulting MeriEducation to achieving INC5000 recognition in 2017 as one the fastest growing companies in America. She has been invited to the United Nations to be honored for the Empact Showcase for Young Entrepreneurs and has won Bronze for the International Stevie Awards under the category of Young Female Entrepreneurs. Miss Nguyen heavily invested in MeriEducation-- laying the groundwork for MeriEducation’s test preparation curriculum by writing the first thousand pages. Miss Nguyen attempts to keep the same personal touch that originally grew MeriEducation by connecting with students as an Elite-Level Academic and College Coach.

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Miss Nguyen has two beautiful children, Reagan and Elliott. In her spare time, she enjoys video/film editing, graphic design, culinary arts, and interior design. Miss Nguyen designed all of the MeriEducation centers and has a passion for all things design.


As a College Coach for Rising 9th, 10th, and 11th Graders, Miss Nguyen has motivated students to really understand themselves. Miss Nguyen truly believes that introspection is key to personal development; therefore, she invests the time to get to know the students-- their interests, passions, and desires. Miss Nguyen enjoys instilling her love for entrepreneurship into her own students when fitting. She has motivated her students to start their own nonprofits, businesses, and blogs. True passion establishes work ethic, emboldens the student, and focuses the mind. To that end, Miss Nguyen always believes that in each coaching session, she must reemphasize the importance of passion.


As a College Coach for College Applicants (Rising 12th Graders), Miss Nguyen has worked on thousands of applications, ranging from medical school applications to theatre applications. Many of Miss Nguyen’s clients started with Miss Nguyen for undergraduate applications and continued with her for graduate school applications. Miss Nguyen has a no-nonsense approach to coaching students, pushing students to focus on their applications in order to have high-quality essays and a polished overall application.


As an Academic Coach, Miss Nguyen understands the psyche of a struggling student. Miss Nguyen herself was a struggling student in high school, graduating with a very low GPA from high school. However, in college, Miss Nguyen understood the importance of passion and motivation and graduated summa cum laude (top 2%). Miss Nguyen understands that all students truly want to do well to some degree; however, it is about finding the student’s true impetus for achievement and growing that impetus to be a strong and effective motivator for academic success.


2016: Joan Nguyen on cover of Nguoi Viet Tre Newspaper, the widest circulating Vietnamese Newspaper


2015: Wins Small Enterprise Category and is the youngest award recipient of the Spirit of Entrepreneur Event.


2017: MeriEducation is Recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in America.


2017: Wins Bronze for Young Female Entrepreneur


2016: Joan Nguyen Featured in article for college coaching and test prep.



Given Joan’s background in education and entrepreneurship, Joan Nguyen offers a wide range of services. All of Joan’s one-on-one coaching/consulting services are offered in session packages of 10, 30-minute meetings.

Occasionally, Joan Nguyen will offer her coaching through small workshops of 2-4 students.


COLLEGE COACHING (9th through 12th grade, transfer applicants, graduate school applicants)

Joan Nguyen has over 10 years of experience helping students get into college from high school, transfer from junior college to a four-year university, and get into graduate school. Joan’s expertise in creative writing, task management, and application strategy deems her one of the most highly sought after college coaches internationally. Joan has coached students from all corners of the globe, from China to Chile.


Venture and business coaching

As an award-winning entrepreneur, Joan Nguyen uses her entrepreneurial skills in order to help students develop and fine-tune their charity projects and business ventures. Joan helps students develop an MVP, branding/marketing strategy, fundraising plan, and much more. Joan Nguyen has helped students develop everything from an app development business to a podcast.


academic and test prep coaching

The heart and soul of success is motivation and organization. Joan Nguyen meets with students to assess their goals and ambitions and develop a feasible plan to achieve such goals. Joan motivates students during sessions to achieve maximum potential through self-discovery. “What do you want, and how will you achieve that? “


Westridge School for Girls
Caltech University

Joan is truly the only reason I came out of the college process fairly stress-free compared to my peers. Because of the personal attention that she gave me, she knew exactly what my personality was and how to really highlight it in my essays. Although she had many other students on her plate, I never felt that I didn’t have 110% of her attention (even while she was pregnant)! She is also super organized and helped keep me on track so I could juggle all of the essays for the various schools I was applying to. 


Riverside Poly High School
RPI Accelerated BS/MD Program

I have had nothing but great experiences with MeriEducation. I feel like Joan [and] the tutors cater to what is best for me as an individual student rather than adopting one prep method for all students. They understand the wide spectrum of the way students learn and mold an individual study plan after getting to know the student.


St. Francis High School
University of Southern California (USC)

Joan, the company’s founder, is a diamond in the rough. I never knew someone could be so instrumental in my college application process. She is so busy yet she takes the time to know you personally to the point where she is considered family. She is there every step of the way. The amount of meticulous planning, proofreading, and attention given to her students’ work is remarkable. Joan and her staff work to make sure that their students are well-equipped to take on any standardized test, college essay, college application, and scholarship opportunity thrown their way. The difference between other tutoring centers and MeriEducation is not just that their help will exceed your expectations, it is that you will leave MeriEducation knowing you will always have a group of friends who support you unconditionally.


Chile International School
University of Chicago

Working with Joan has been an absolute pleasure as she was always genuinely interested in helping me learn and improve my essay writing in order to make my college essays stand out. 


Vistamar School

I began writing my personal statement in June of 2018. Before meeting Joan, [my personal statement] had gone through 17 drafts and was in a polished place. After meeting—and deciding to work with—Joan in mid-October 2018, the personal statement went through at least another 10 drafts changing the caliber of the essay from good to GREAT. This same process occurred on every single supplement. I saw how Joan tried to stop and understand who I was so that she was able to tell whether my writing was clearly portraying what I was saying, and if the writing wasn't clear enough, she gave me tips on how to make it clear, more sophisticated, and more meaningful. I loved working with Joan in the middle of the night, in the early mornings, and every time in between. Her energy kept me going no matter how terrible I felt about the whole college application process. Joan has made this process so easy, and I hope to use her in the future.


Westridge School for Girls

My Meri experience has been extremely positive! I was always dreading SAT prep and I am such a procrastinator, but my tutor and Joan really helped me stay on track and made sure I was getting my work done. I love the fact that the staff was always checking in on me to see how I was doing with my tutor and the workload. I could really tell they cared!


Redlands East Valley High School

I have had nothing but great experiences with MeriEducation. I feel like Joan, Justin, and the tutors cater to what is best for me as an individual student rather than adopting one prep method for all students. They understand the wide spectrum of the way students learn and mold an individual study plan after getting to know the student. I also had fun working with Justin and the tutors! They really made it exciting rather than dragging on the boring test prep day by day. I have a lot to thank MeriEducation for.


Redlands High School

Eight years ago, Joan helped my brother get accepted into his dream school, and Joan has maintained and even heightened its quality of support since then to the point where, now that it is my turn to step up to the collegiate plate, I wouldn’t choose any other person. I have done SAT prep, achieving a super score of a 1570 out of 1600 on the SAT. Next, I will be working with Joan on my college applications, just like my older brother did eight years ago.


Redlands High School

My experience at Merieducation has had a really profound experience on my academic career. I went to MeriEducation for my academic material but primarily for my SAT prep and they helped me raise my SAT score by 340 points from my first practice test to the actual SAT test that I took! I especially want to thank Joan and all of the people at MeriEducation for making me feel welcome when I first came to them. You can always tell that these people love their jobs working with students from the atmosphere. And for that, I give all of the people who helped me a big thank you for everything they've done.

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